The Friends with Benefits Conundrum

Dear Dimples,

You know, I’m not familar with this whole “friends with benefits” arrangement. I don’t know your romantic history, except for your ex in Vegas who you cheated multiple times on without her knowing, and the one time she cheated on you it hurt horribly.  Beyond her, the time you lost your virginity, and the couple romantic interests you’ve had at camp, I don’t know enough to figure you out. And I don’t care to figure you out.

So this whole summer I remained unattached. I’m sure you weren’t sleeping with someone else, and I wasn’t, that is until I went home.  But honestly, I thought when I left we were done. But no, you kept texting me, telling me you missed me and first calling me “babe”, then “baby” more frequently as the weeks went on.

I never called you “babe” or “baby”, and over the span of 3 months, told you I missed you only a few times.

Perhaps you’ve figured it out, that I don’t share the open affection you do for me. I can, and perhaps I do, maybe even more than you for me, however I choose not to show it because really, what if all this time spent texting me is to insure I’m yours again when I come home?  I’m choosing to protect my feelings; coming into this I had low expectations, I’m not expecting anything.

Because I am attached. I do think of you, I do miss you, I do get excited when you contact me. I vow not to admit this to you. I value your friendship, if we were to mess things up I would hate to lose your friendship.

But if you have stopped texting me because you have lost interest or have been seeing someone else, a little notice would have been nice. We were friends before the benefits came along, I respect you enough to tell you if I had decided to be with someone else. I expect the same of you.

*sigh* Rules. Unwritten rules. Rule of thumb in any relationship whether its between friends or lovers: communication is key.


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