De-flowered Once Again

There are times when O fucks me so intensely that I seriously feel like I’m losing my virginity all over again.

He pounded my pussy HARD last night.

H A R D.

So hard, so deliciously rough and raw,

that this morning, there was a little blood ::blush::

It’s times like these when I feel like I’m some sort of masochist. I have yet to meet  a man who LOVES being bitten, or loves to do the biting. I’ve had a boy who didn’t mind nibbling on my nipples, but that relationship is long over, and I haven’t been nibbled on in a long time 😉

Thinking about O’s cock right now is getting me absolutely slick with wetness… Last night as he was making us drinks I slid off the jeans and pulled my tank top down, revealing my breasts. He came back to a girl casually splayed across his bed playing with his Playstation controller.  Little did he know that I’ve been craving dick ALLL week and was SUPER horny and already wet. I pounded that drink and was more than ready for a long night of fucking.

I took his dick in my mouth and just ran my lips and tongue on that pole. My head was tilted over the side of his bed so I could take more of him. He was ready to cum, but I didn’t let him. I wasn’t in the mood to swallow. That is, until he told me he wanted me to swallow.

If a man pleases me well, and treats me well, I’m more than happy to cater to his needs. So I got to work, practically inhaling his dick and playing with his balls. I made the blowjob extra wet, my saliva and his pre-cum mixing together to make his dick ESPECIALLY wet.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” he panted.

His sexy voice ALWAYS gets to me and I worked extra hard to milk his cock for every drop. His jizz went directly down  my throat and I had no time to even taste it.

That was just the blowjob… I’m going to text him some naughty messages and write about the hard fucking later. 😉


1 Response to “De-flowered Once Again”

  1. June 19, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    I miss coming from oral sex 😦 I haven’t come from it for actual, literal years. About 3 or 4 I think. It’s crazy, I don’t know if I’ve lost sensitivity or if I just need really, really good head for it to happen, but either way I wish it’d happen again soon – reading posts like these make me crave it!

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