Pleasuring Myself

While Anthony Bourdain‘s No Reservations plays on the TV. Right now I have my round of sex blogs opened up in multiple tabs, and links from those blogs are just adding to my time-wasting.

As Bourdain wines and dines on shnitzel in Germany, I’m satiating my sexual appetite with sexy reads, old and new. I just stumbled upon The Sugarbutch Chronicles, a blog written by feminist queer butch Sinclair Sexsmith. Upon reading the first post, I bookmarked her, will definitely be keeping my eye on her work.

Had it been two years ago, one thing I would’ve given more thought to was declaring an interdisciplinary Major in Women’s Studies/Queer Studies/or Human Sexuality. For so long I’ve kind of fought this interest, mainly because I couldn’t settle with the idea of meeting with an employer and talking about my degree, esp. if that job had nothing to do with understanding the difference between gender and sex, or queer theory, or etc etc.

Sex and food. Sex and food. They are, at least in my experience, two inherently human desires and means of survival.

OK. I’ve been meaning to wean myself off the computer after one hour of “doing nothing” (surfing porn, reading up on the news, etc). I have about a dozen sex blogs and food blogs open. I’m searching for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe (which if I find, I shall post), some HNT (Half Nekkid Thursday) posts open, as well as the New York Times.

I should hit the books. Or the beach. This is what happens when I’m only taking four classes- I relax WAY too much for my own good. Which reminds me, gotta call into work as well as my internship.

This is why I write. Without it, I’d be absolutely unmotivated and forgetful to do anything else but eat, sleep, and fuck (not neccessarily in that order).



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