Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

40 Cloves of Garlic

40 Cloves of Garlic

If there’s a garlic-loving man or woman whose heart pants you’d like to get into… Start with the stomach 😉

After a long day of class and work, I wanted nothing more than to relax. There are three ways I usually unwind while feeling productive:

  • work out
  • cook
  • and duh, sex!

The first and third get my butt moving 😉 while the second keeps me from gorging on bad crap if there’s nothing else to eat. Healthy, no? So if you need an amazing, delicious chicken dinner that will feed you for days, or a night of dinner guests, here’s my version of Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic. It’s a cross between this recipe and this recipe, both of the Food Network. It’s pieces of chicken, unlike Alton Brown’s whole, and there’s no heavy cream/flour-based gravy, as in the former recipe. The garlic cooks down to become super mild, so don’t be afraid of the amount! I added mushrooms and cooked this on the lowest heat for an hour and a half while I caught up on my blogs and some homework.

Recipe and more after the hump 😉

What you need:

12 pieces chicken (thighs and drumsticks)
40 cloves garlic, about 3 heads, depending on their size
1 3/4 c dry white wine (I bought a $2.50 bottle, worked great!)
1 tablespoon fresh thyme
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil and butter (for browning the chicken)
12 oz package cut mushrooms

I removed the skin from the chicken, and reserved about three. Why? Because I was cooking up skinless chicken, I still wanted to impart some chicken flavor. As Julia Child has said, (in an interview written by an author I have high respect for) fat gives things flavor.

So I ommited these two things: the cream sauce (though I did thicken later with cornstarch), and the skinned chicken. However, I did want to impart some chicken fat. So I fried up some chicken skins just to keep the oil that cooked off, and discarded the skin afterwards.

Now, for the garlic. There are 3 ways you can go about removing the paper skins:

  • Blanch all the garlic at once (the cloves separated) for about a minute in boiling water. Remove them, and when they’re cool to touch, the skins should slide right off.
  • Take the flat end of a knife, and after separating the cloves, lightly bang the side of the knife on the clove. The skin should now slide off. This is how I peeled mine.
  • The easiest way, if its available to you, is to buy the jar of already peeled garlic cloves in the refrigerator/produce section of your grocery store

OK. Explanations over. After liberally seasoning the chicken with salt and pepper, I worked on peeling my garlic. While that was going I rendered the fat off the chicken skins simply by frying them in a little butter and oil (eyeball this, depending on the amount of chicken you use, you may need more or less). I threw the fried chicken skins away (though I know some people would sprinkle some salt on it and munch away ;))

The chicken is ready to be browned when the oil is smoky. I had a dutch oven put over medium-high, and in batches of 4 pieces, I browned the chicken, about 5 minutes on each side. Make sure you don’t overcrowd the pot, otherwise they won’t brown right. Browning is not only important for color, but it seals in juices for later.

After browning my chicken pieces, I removed them to a plate, and turned down the heat to medium. I then threw in all the garlic cloves. For about 10 minutes I stirred the cloves to brown them as well. You want an even brown on them with slight blistering. If they brown too fast you can lower the heat- overcooking garlic makes them super bitter*.

You’ll then add in your wine and bring back to a boil, and make sure if the little brown goody bites are stuck on the bottom, scrape em up! They’ll add more flavor to the dish. Add the chicken back in along with the thyme. Smell that? The wine, the garlic, the browned chicken? Makes you wanna eat it now, right? Well don’t, cuz your chicken is not yet cooked.

I added more water and wine so that almost all the chicken was submerged. This is where I turned it down to a simmer and walked away to work on things around the apartment. Why so long you ask? Well, I’m personally a slow-cooking kind of gal, the fall-off-the-bone slow cooking gal. If you’re in a rush, just make sure that when browning the chicken you had cooked it a little longer, then finished off the cooking for half an hour in the pot, or until stabbing a chicken piece gets clear juices.

20 minutes before I decided the chicken was done, I decided to thicken my sauce. I made a slurry, meaning I took a couple teaspoonfuls of cornstarch and blended it with cold water. Only after mixing it did I incoporate it into the rest of the sauce. This way the sauce thickened immediately. I brought it back up to heat, added the mushrooms, and soon had an amazing chicken dish!

The chicken was absolutely tender, the mushrooms cooked but still retaining their flavor, and the sauce. Oh…the sauce. It was salty, a tad sweet, and garlicky, and those cloves of garlic softened that you could scoop up with rice or even spread on french bread. 🙂

*If the garlic becomes super bitter in the sauce, just add a little brown sugar to neutralize it. It happened to me, don’t worry all isn’t lost! The sugar imparted a delicious layer of flavor.

I’ll post chicken pics later, in the meanwhile gotta get my butt to work!



2 Responses to “Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic”

  1. 1 Alexander
    May 18, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    Be still my heart!!! With a meal like that you could get into my pants and anything else you would like to. Killer cooking, great sex, you’ve got it all!

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