Are You Sayin You Don’t Wanna Get With This?

*If you’re not a FRIENDS fan, at least watch the bit after the one minute mark 1:00

O was in a deep sleep, snoring and everything, and I had just put my textbook down and turned off the stereo.

“I want pussy.” he demanded in a murmur, eyes still closed, and reached over to grab my breasts.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I couldn’t help but laugh. When he wakes up out of nowhere and wants sex, I give it to him. I’m not one to withhold sex, because for the most part, I’m wanting it too, he just beats me to the hump 😉

What made me laugh is that he was sick in bed all day with an upset tummy. I had been neglecting him alllll weekend working on final projects and when I texted him Sunday evening, he had been feeling like crap.

I went over with gatorade, ginger ale, and chicken broth to find my grown man of a boyfriend in bed pouting, his Xbox controller laying next to him and him idly tossing a baseball up towards the ceiling and catching it with an old mitt.

I melted. I was so incredibly endeared to him.

We lay in bed watching The Office and old episodes of Hey Arnold. I massaged his shoulders until he fell asleep and resumed my work.

After an hour he woke up wanting sex. He was denied, which is very rare in our relationship.

Sorry, the thought of having sex when I’m not feeling the best (unless its a headache, then I need a good pounding.

I could just imagine tummy sounds and discomfort on his part… so I made him go back to bed.

The next morning I woke him up with a blowjob before I had to leave for class. He got to call in to work and stay in bed and sip ginger ale.

Blowjob, movies in bed, and an excuse to drink soda?


Do you enjoy sex when you or your partner are sick? Or do you avoid it all together? Ever get to play nurse? 😉 Let me know of your experiences!


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