In the words of Michael Jordan…

Musicians and athletes fall of the face of the Earth to pursue other things.  Some resurface, others stay hidden amongst the “regular people”. Others just kinda wash up, get another fifteen minutes, then disappear again. Some examples:

  • Mase left to follow God
  • After ten years, Sade releases an album that sells half a million copies during its first week of release
  • Some people, like Evander Holyfield, are like zombies…they just keep won’t go away, despite being banned from boxing in New York. The  man will take what he can get, even managing to cha cha his way into Dancing with the Stars
  • Michael Jordan retired shortly after the murder of his father in 93.
  • And then returned in ’95.
  • And then retired again in ‘99.
  • And then returned in 2001.
  • And was finally done in 2003.

I am no means an artist or an athlete, but I know I’ve been itching to get back to writing. To reading. To immersing myself back in tales of lust and love, to hitting my laptop’s flour-dusted keys as I scroll through various recipes of red velvet cake, looking for just the perfect one. The cake, which I have made three times now, is a definite keeper, by the way 😉

So this is a means to gently wake Sex & Food, and in hopes of actually cultivating this blog into something bigger.

I’m back.


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