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Wanna do it in the Bay of Unawareness? Fisting Cove?

Been gone for a bit working in Seattle, mending a broken heart, bar-hopping, settling into my new apartment, turning down not an Italian stallion, but a beautiful Italian mare 😉  and basically attempting to ignore this growing heat between my thighs. 😦 A girl needs dick, what can I say?


Let’s play a game! It’s the Human Sex Map! I love this thing! Its the interactive way to keep track of your sexual activities! Pinpoint what you’ve done and liked (and disliked), your fetishes, your fantasies, etc. The one thing that sucks is that if you mess up, you gotta clear ALL your pins 😦

I invite you all to play and post! I’d love to see everyones!

As for me… I have A LOT of exploring to do 🙂 Here’s mine

My Sex Map!

My Sex Map!



Plain and simple.

This isn’t about O. Remember that scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall when Kristen Bell’s character wants Jason Segal’s character back and is ready for some make up sex?


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Sungod Part I: Rebirth in an Orgy

Finally, a breather!!! Now I get to tell you about the amazement that was the Sungod Festival!!! (Spoiler: I had an EPIC time) Each spring,  on the tantilizing brink of summer, the UCSD students are granted one day (though they extend the partying before and well after the festival) of promised and unlimited sex, debauchery, and shenanigans.

Just picture thousands of costumed (my favorite this year was the dinosaur), scantily clad (sometimes naked) undergrads stumbling to and fro.  Here the women are plentiful (they outnumber the guys), and overwhelmingly gorgeous (imo). UCSD girls are crazier than their male counterparts! Throughout the day dozens of girls were arrested, and even more were led to a detox area. I watched as an increasing number of students sat or lay lined on the edge of RIMAC field, dazed, shifty-eyed, and disoriented.

What could you expect? Under the grand California sun on a college campus, an event with live, loud music, inflatable obstacles courses, and access to drugs and booze in the nearby dorms and apartments mean that


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Are You Sayin You Don’t Wanna Get With This?

*If you’re not a FRIENDS fan, at least watch the bit after the one minute mark 1:00

O was in a deep sleep, snoring and everything, and I had just put my textbook down and turned off the stereo.

“I want pussy.” he demanded in a murmur, eyes still closed, and reached over to grab my breasts.

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Set it, forget it, lets fuck

All you need is an hour and a half, 10 minutes to prep, the rest to fuck :)

Funny... I was splayed out in a similar position in the next room 😉

So earlier this week, to save on some money, O and I had some friends over for dinner and then drinks poolside.

I baked my first chicken. Crazy shenanigans, right? HAHA, I’ve made a whole turkey before, but never a lil ol’ chicken, and though I was anxious, it turned out amazing! Took no time at all, and O and I were able to get in a “workout” before company arrived.

So while I gave the chicken the “set it and forget it” treatment…

O was getting the “suck me and fuck me” treatment in the bedroom 😉

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Sleep Fucking


I am in a groggy state, and can’t comprehend that O has awoken.  I hear the crinkle of a condom wrapper and think Yes, I’m gonna get fucked!

I continue to feign a slumber, though 😉 What can I say, I so much rather prefer for the first thing I open my eyes to is him between my legs and the first sound out of my mouth either a moan or the delicious squelch of his penis delving into my pussy.

The moan won 🙂 OH, and the FEELING of a cock thrust into you first thing in the morning is just uncomparable! O had been rock hard and ready to fuck. He was ready last night, but was so tired from work he slept the night away as I caught up with my reading of porn blogs.

“Good morning” he purred as he slid into my body.

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Blame it on the al-al al-al al-al-co-hol

Drunk sex. Many of us have had it. Sloppy, drunk, no-strings-attached-I-just-wanna-FUCK sex, can be an amazing thing. In college, weekends are full of drunken sex, weekDAYS could be full of drunken sex as well. The only one bad morning after I’ve had revolved around alcohol seeping out of my pores the next morning in my Comparative Lit. class. Not so classy.

To continue the de-flowering story, I’ll start up again after the blowjob I gave O, which resulted in his warm cum streaming into my throat 😉

I downed the rest of my drink, and was DEFINITELY passed buzzed. Once I put the cup down I felt his arms snake around my waist and push be down onto the bed.  My legs were now spread and he was in between them. He pressed his chest against mine, nuzzled my neck (my ABSOLUTE weakspot) and whispered (my ABSOLUTE weakness)

“I’m gonna get into that pussy. Imma wear it out.”

Hotttt. I was getting juiced up with every word that left his lips.

After a little tongue-lashing, he pressed the head of his cock against my now slick pussy.  He did this for a while, sliding it between, but never into me. After a bit of whining on my part and wiggling of my hips, he finally slid it in.

After he was in, he made no attempt at slowing down. Delicious thrusts, one after the other, unleashed waves of ecstasy. I was moaning like CRAZY and my  hands were clenched into the sheets so intensely the tips of my fingers got tingly. I thought I couldn’t, but I spread my legs even further, one foot pressed up against the wall. It was in this position his cock hit that spot.

Yup, THAT spot. I went absolutely wild, and it wasn’t long before physical evidence appeared on his sheets. I squirted, wetting my thighs, his balls, and the bed.

Its not always that I squirt, but I’ve been needing sex from him for a over a week. The tension had built up, the alcohol was flowing, and I was just so intune to his body as he was into mine it was a sensory overload.

We switched positions, with both my legs over his shoulders, one leg over his shoulder, me on my stomach with him fucking me from behind standing on the floor– it was amazing.

As strong and athletic his thighs are, O got exhausted, and we both literally just collapsed on the bed. I was so passed out I only woke up to the slightest lightening of the sky through the window’s blinds and felt like absolute CRAP.

Just looking around the room trying to focus hurt. Everything was spinning and my throat was incredibly dry. Thankfully O got right up and brought me a giant glass of water.

I lay there waiting for him thinking, “fuck. I can’t go into work. fuck. fuck. fuck.”

I downed the glass of water and passed out once again.

A few hours later I awoke with his arms around me and my head feeling much better. It’s one thing to have drunken sex, its a whole other thing to have drunken sex with someone you love, who you feel absolutely safe with and have no excuses to make, to your partner or yourself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed drunken sex, and that it was consensual and SAFE.


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